Salsa Verde 101

tomatillos, poblanos y cebolla
Avoid the caprine (or is it vulpine) leer of Rick Bayless.

Salsa verde:

2 roasted, seeded, & peeled poblano chiles

1/2 pound of pared & rinsed tomatillos

a small onion,  peeled & quartered

chicken stock to cover

salt (to taste)

Simmer until tomatillos are tender.


Puree in a  blender or food processor, adding

2-5 peeled garlic cloves

a cup of chopped cilantro

Optionally, you may add here:

ground cumin (to taste)

chopped parsley

chopped serrano or jalapeño chiles (to taste and can be roasted, seeded & peeled).

This can be used as a base for rice, guisados, etc.


5 thoughts on “Salsa Verde 101

  1. Didn’t have poblanos. Made my salsa verde with roasted serranos. It’s beautiful, flavorful, and completely inedible. It will light up your mouth! Help.

  2. Did you deseed them?

    Use it sparingly, as a dip or add it a tablespoon at a time.. I’ll deseed a serrano after roasting.. But I’ve got salsa arriero in my repetoire which is about 10 roasted unseeded serranos mashed up with a roasted whole head of garlic, lime juice & salt. That will knock your hat in the creek. Seguro que hell yes.

    BTW, what you did is safer than any of Dave’s Insanity sauces.

    I once made a pint of cooked salsa from red savina habaneros. My old man thought it was stewed tomatoes. I said it was a salsa and was hot. This was 25 years ago.

  3. I deseeded carefully. Took some of it to a party and pushed it as a roasted tomatillo salsa (which it is), but most agreed it was more like a hot sauce or beer-drinking catalyst. I’ll have to stir it into rice or use it to spik a marinade. Afterwards, I used the fresh unroasted serranos and made a similar hot sauce to the one you mentioned, with garlic and such. Very sweet and tasty until the oxygen hits your mouth and then smoke comes out of your ears for a few minutes. A good pain, if you ask me.

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