Je Sais Cuisiner (I Know How To Cook)

Found the English translation of this at the local branch library. The recipes look direct and to the point. I think the old cover is much classier than the new cover, which is pretty much over the top. It’s not a Little Golden Book.

I need to try that Bacon Salad. (Salad au Lard.)

Old version

This is much classier.

New version

Cuteness for its own sake is never a good thing

I first heard of this on a Sunday Morning Edition show on NPR back last October. I was glad to finally see what they were talking about. It’s a huge book;  the size of The Larousse Gastronomique.


3 responses to “Je Sais Cuisiner (I Know How To Cook)

  1. I try to stop in as many small libraries as I can when I am on the road, especially if it’s a small town too. I usually discover treasures, like first edition MFK stuff or European cookbooks from the 50s, that big city libraries have removed from circulation. So, I am curious, which branch had this on the shelf?

  2. Chesterfield Co. Rattlesnake RD branch.

  3. I have to go now, just for street name. Thanks.

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