Tacos sabrosos en Hooville y en RVA..

You may already aware of this, but RVA’s Mexican food presence is rather slim compared to what one finds in Charlottesville.  There is some good Mexican food  here, but it’s limited to La Milpa and Cerro Azul and by the fact that Hondureños, Salavadoreños, y Guatemaltecos are quite numerous. Pupusas & gallo pinto may be tasty, but they damn sure ain’t Mexican food. And Cielito Lindo is on the yuppified side, fer sure. Too Cancun-y. One gets tired of  aging frats & sorority types swilling down margaritas and hollering nasally.

The taco truck and the food stands in Charlottesville are head and shoulders above what we have here.. some even make their own tortillas on the spot.  Like in the real world.  Oona & I were pleasantly surprised to  find this out at the Charlottesville Farmers Market near the downtown mall last September. I hear this can happen even in North Carolina. (Questions: why are the local restaurants so chintzy with the tortillas? And why is there no praline or sherbet?)

Yesterday, we hit La Michoacana Taqueria in Charlottesville and were quite pleased with what we got there.

The  Ленин tortilla press.
The Ленин tortilla press.

I got three tacos de barbacoa de borrego (lamb barbecue) and I knew that even back in San Antonio or Austin, I was going to have to hunt to find something like this.  Lamb or mutton is a Central Mexican dish, not something from area across from South Texas.

tacos de borrego
tacos de borrego

But, oh, they were good.  Oona had a huge tamale which was ok, but I make better ones with less masa at Christmas. Be careful with their salsas & their marinated onions & carrots. The onions & carrots have some habanera chile in the mix. Son muy picantes.

Today, I went by La Milpa, because I wanted some decent corn tortillas. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had their  outdoor carnita cooking setup going.

carnita cooker
la plancha o el comal
la plancha or el comal

I picked up a half pound of carnitas (pork cooked in a kettle or cazuela) and took them home for a pleasant lunch, using the El Milagro tortillas and the red and green salsas supplied with the carnitas.

carnitas con salsas
carnitas con salsas
a nice lunch

6 thoughts on “Tacos sabrosos en Hooville y en RVA..

    1. Los Amigos on Midlothian has had barbacoa de borrego on Sundays. But not consistently. A few of the restaurantes on Jeff Davis advertise it, but I can’t spend all my free time seeking tacos.

      Another thing. They should serve Bohemia, instead of that Corona bellywash. Los Amigos used to as did Cerro Azul.

  1. I had no idea you could get real and tastey food in Charlottesville. I may come east of the Mississippi River again now that I know I don’t have to pack a lunch.

  2. I miss a good simple taco, I had some good ones from a random truck in williamsburg (beef tongue which is easily my favorite). But a good dark aromatic San Antonio barbacoa taco still eludes me.

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