Flatulence… and soaking legumes.

One couple’s distaff side mentions putting baking soda in beans.  I’d use the over-night soak: that helps a lot.

Another method of diffusing or dissipating the gaseous nature of the legumes are by adding one of these herbs to the beanpot.

It amazes me that folks, even if they have time, insist on using canned beans. There’s a load of salt in all canned beans.  Any fool can soak beans.

I’ve got two cups of frijoles rosados soaking at home right now, since we finished off the black beans last night.  I even have a piece of hambone to put in the pot, along with onion, garlic, bay leaf, & epazote. Never salt beans until they are done for it will make them tough.

“More beans, Mr. Taggart?”


2 thoughts on “Flatulence… and soaking legumes.

  1. I think soaking/cooking your own beans tastes better than canned/jarred beans. Maybe I’m kidding myself. I will say though that I can’t do ham anymore; way too much sodium in even a little of it. Too bad. I do love the piggy.

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