Cooking for Geeks.

Sous vide on the cheap.  Not for when you have little no-neck monsters clamouring for food. Home brewers already know of this technique. Yawn.

Geeking the kitchen

This is slower than barbecue.

Geekify your kitchen cheaply.


6 thoughts on “Cooking for Geeks.

  1. That is very cool, my first round with sous vide was a 50/50 with my vegetables turning out well, but the meat no so exciting (or any better than the usual treatments) Having said that I had no temp control and only cooked it for a relative short time.

  2. Don’t know nada from sous vida, but the recipe in this piece calls for cooking beef ribs for three days at 131 F…not even certain pasteurization temp. A three-day warm-stewing in vacuum sounds like a nearly perfect Botulinum culturing environment to me! But what do I know?

  3. I’ve done sous-vide the hard way. Using a pot of water with a thermometer attached to it so I had to monitor by adjusting the burner.

    1. It was commented that true sous vide has circulating water. This doesn’t.

      Anyway, I was recently told by my lady-wife that we should divest ourselves of appliances & other impedimentia since the new countertops must be seen.

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