Using a smoker..

I’m thinking maybe I’ll fire up my smoker.. this is the Mk I model our old man had fabricated. My brother got the Mk II and the old man got the Mk III. Being the eldest, I got the #$@&^% prototype.

I can cook two turkeys in this, two beef shoulder clods, and have cooked massive amounts of  goat, venison, turkey, chicken, pork, mouflon, salmon, & nutria in this booger.

Last weekend I did chicken thighs . I used the leftovers with rice & garbanzos. I’ve got a london broil resting in a chimmichurri for tomorrow or Tuesday. I’ll save the marinade for whatever I decide to cook after this.


3 thoughts on “Using a smoker..

  1. My smoked nutria was coming out tough until I tried it “al mojo de ajo”. Now it falls off the bone. We are off to the Galapagos in May. I’m sure we’ll come back with some new recipes.

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