Looking for some supper on Friday night

Yesterday evening, Oona & I went to pick up some art from a friend who was having a show at Chop Suey. We chatted with the artist and her husband, a friend of mine, about German television, odd Japanese candy, and THE WIRE.

We took our leave of them, since we were hungry and needed feeding. We ambled west on Cary, thinking we might slip into SECCO and check it out, but it was full of a herd of young Vuhginyuh dudes and their gossipy wide-bottomed consorts. We weren’t even going to try to enter. Too “stylish/modish” for our blood. So we went on to the truck to cross home to Dogtown.

O’TOOLE’S was out, since we’d been there twice in the past few weeks and it is extremely noisy. Thai was mentioned and we were certain we’d skip MOM’S SIAM, since we’d had some bad experiences there with rowdy young folk. So we decided to go to RUANG TONG (sp?) in the Stratford Hills center. No luck. It was closed tighter than Dick’s hatband since they were on vacation.

So we thought… and came up with takeaway falafel at JERUSALEM HALAL. We hit Chippenham and went south to Hull and noticed that CARENA’S was doing a land office bidness as we passed. We got to JERUSALEM HALAL and placed our order. We window shopped and found some good deals on olive oil and masoor dal. We’d be back for that.

As we picked up our orders, the counterman talked us into an order of stuffed grape leaves. We got them and they turned out to be quite tasty. It was still light when we got home and we were pleased to see how nice our flowers looked.


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