Shoulder clods: Round One


In the back..


I have ordered two shoulder clods from Belmont Butchery  to cook for a festivity on the first week of June. 

I’m looking for chunks of pecan wood. Where can I get some?


5 responses to “Shoulder clods: Round One

  1. I prefer cherry wood. A denser more penetrating smoke. Superb for any smoked pork. There are lots of fallen limbs and trees about year around. If you are committed to pecan wood, phone an orchard. Enjoy.

  2. Pork? Shoulder clods are beef.

    Anyway, there are no pecan orchards around here. Too far north. I do have a mess of apple, though.

  3. Mesquite cabron, oh yea y’all ain’t got none up there in the old dominion Sorry ;)

  4. I am off to Nelson County to look at the venue.. to look for wood and see where the shade falls.

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