An Irksome Question…

I’ve been eating mexican food for nearly 60 years, and I’ve eaten it in many locations. Richmond is the only place where they put that bowl of what seems to be ranch dressing on the table. Is this because the Greeks run a lot of the restaurants?

But this ain’t tzatzki. It’s something out of a package…


6 thoughts on “An Irksome Question…

  1. Ditto on La Casita’s salsa blanca (?). Most other varieties are unforgivable and seem to include mustard. However, constructing de colores of the Mexican flag on the table before the meal is even served is worth a little latitude.

  2. It blows. I’ve asked a couple of places for the recipe and one place said their version is ranch dressing and a little milk with sugar in it. Gross.

  3. I’ve never seen it anywhere’s else. And why do we only get three damned tortillas at a time?

    There was a place in Charlottesville near the downtown mall that had at least 3 home made salsas. It was called Los Potros. Sadly, it is gone.

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