Shoulder clods: Round 3 (with goat leg)

I could only get two shoulder clods from Belmont Butchery. No problem. I went to Petra Halal Market (Arch & Midlothian) and picked up a five pound goat leg.

I’m using mesquite, apple, & Jack Daniels chips for the smoke. No pecan showed up. Here are some photos.

Apple, mesquite chunks, & Jack Daniels barrel chips.

These will go atop the charcoal tomorrow in the AM.

Goat leg on the left, beef shoulder clods on the right

Now here’s the anointed goat leg in all its glory.

goat leg
Goat leg ready for a nap.

2 thoughts on “Shoulder clods: Round 3 (with goat leg)

    1. The clods are on the small side. Six pounds each.. last ones I cooked (in 1994) were about ten pounds each. Libbie Market can get them cheaper, but I think you have to buy a whole box (4 to 6 of them).

      Guess I’ll have my coffee and crank up the cooker with charcoal and soak the mesquite.

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