Shoulder Clod: Round 5

The meat is cut and plated for the shindig this afternoon in Faber, VA.  Here are some photos of the process.

It was very good to take a hot shower after 15 hours of tending the smoker and slicing the meat.

Approx: 2:00 PM

crankin' away

pit action

Smoky pit & shoulder clod.

The end product:

sliced shoulder clod

This is barbecue. Not pork soup on a bun, with cole slaw.

More photos will be taken at the boda.


3 responses to “Shoulder Clod: Round 5

  1. that looks perfect, going to be a good wedding celebration, and I’m with you on the pulled pork problem.

    • Thanks. It all got eaten, except for a platter that was saved for today’s cleanup crew. We escaped to the b&b before dark last night, showered & watched the sunset & the lightning bugs and then slept.

  2. Sooo hungry! Soooo very hungry now! It’s been a decade since Ive had your grill work. Pity too. Congrats to you and to Aaron and his lady. A good day. Still hungry, of course.

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