El Vaquero

I’ve been watching the signs for this Mexican restaurant’s opening since the first of the year. I was on my way back from checking out tonight’s Art Space opening and cruising down Hull, scoping out the verdadero Taco Trucks at El Happy Mart, El TacoRey, usw.

I turned up Turner to get back to Midlothian and decided to check out El Vaquero, in the Marshall’s shopping center.

It’s a very basic place and, like a real Mexican restaurant it is open at 8AM for breakfast, 7 days a week. I may try that tomorrow since they have menudo on weekends (not that I am expecting a hangover, since menudo is said to be a remedy for such maladies).

“Pa’ un crudo/come menudo”

I had a couple of gorditas al pastor (marinated pork) and they were quite good with the requisite onions & cilantro. Their salsas (green & red) are homemade and they don’t have that wretched white dreck on the table. They seem to be making their own corn tortillas, too, which is a good sign.

Other dishes include tongue, tripe, chicken flautas, horchata, and several types of tamales on weekends. They have an ABC permit, but the beer hadn’t been delivered yet. This may be a good place to watch the Mexico/Argentina game on Sunday afternoon, too!

el vaquero
It's under the sign in the middle.

4 thoughts on “El Vaquero

  1. I’ve been waiting on this one as well. Had a nice burrito al pastor. I miss the spit cooked pastor meat at La Milpa. Seems like they shut it down for now. Anyway, this burrito was grilled on both sides which was a nice touch as well as the avocado pieces inside. The salsa with the chips was way above any gringo mex place. I’ll be going back.

  2. I went there again, tonight. They have three home made salsas (salsa cruda, salsa verde,y salsa roja). All of them great.

    I had the lengua (tongue) quesadilla plate with salad, rice & frijoles with a small glass of horchata. Muuuy sabrosa!

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