Making pesto & pasta on the Fourth

We had planned to make pesto yesterday and cut a bunch of basil while it was still cool and put it in the fridge. I made it using the Marcella Hazan cookbook (The Classic Italian Cook Book: The Art of Italian Cooking and the Italian Art of Eating: 1973) with pine nuts and Palestinian olive oil in our old reliable Cusinart. The two resulting batches came out to about two cups.

basil from our front garden

Ruhlman’s RATIO (Ratio: 2009) book was consulted for a basic pasta recipe. Instead of the recommended Italian pasta flour (which we did not have on hand), we used semolina flour. Easy to work and has great flavour.

nudel machine
pasta roller

We decided on a rustic approach: hand cutting.

cutting pasta
lining the knife

We laid the cut strips on a platter lined with waxed paper. Next time, to facilitate drying, we will not stack the layers of pasta.

laying out the pasta
getting ready.

Cooking semolina pasta takes longer than conventional flour pasta. Taste-testing is obligatory!

hot water
pasta boiling

Here is our dinner. We also had a home-made chilled zucchini soup, sliced tomatoes with tapenade, and mushrooms sautéed with shallots.

4th of July dinner

Alas, we had forgotten about dessert. Pity, that.


4 thoughts on “Making pesto & pasta on the Fourth

  1. I missed this post when it came out. Back in Austin we had three huge pecan trees in the yard. In the Fall, I made pesto with pecans instead of pine nuts or walnuts. Good stuff–I called it Cracker Pesto.

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