El Vaquero again!!

Oona got back from Oregon and we went to El Vaquero tonight.  She had the chicken quesadilla plate (with rice, beans & salad) and I had carne asada gorditas.  And we each had a glass of horchata.

The owner brought us out a complementary bowl of their Friday special, caldo de res. Which is a restorative pho-like beef soup with potato, carrot, & cabbage in it. This place is one of the best non-gringoized Mexican restaurants in this burg. We may go there for breakfast tomorrow.

el vaquero
Carta de negocios

Heard in El Matamoros in Austin in the 1970s from a vegetarian:

Could I have carne guisada tacos without meat?



2 thoughts on “El Vaquero again!!

    1. S.E. corner of Midlothian & Turner. There’s a Marshall’s in the same center to the east. And the old Korean restaurant is to the east..

      It’s opens at 8AM for breakfast.

      It isn’t fancy & I think it’s cash only. No ABC permit yet.

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