AP article on Classes in Butchery.

So you ain’t from Butcher Holler. Wonder if this will fly in our environs. You need to deal with the gut pile. Dogs love ’em.

get your own pork
The good old days.. (I'm serious about this folks)

Going whole hog: Foodies learn the art of butchery
By TERENCE CHEA (AP) – 47 minutes ago

SAN FRANCISCO — Get out your knives and prepare to get blood on your clothes: more Americans are learning how to butcher their own meat.

Cooking enthusiasts and eco-conscious food lovers are signing up for classes where they learn how to carve up whole hogs, lambs and other farm animals, the latest trend among foodies who want a closer connection to the meaty morsels on their forks.

On a recent evening in San Francisco, a dozen men and women met at a rental kitchen in the Mission District to break down a 170-pound hog under the guidance of Ryan Farr, one of a new breed of “artisan butchers” who is bringing the art of butchery to the meat-loving masses.

After Farr and his assistant plunked the slaughtered pig on a sprawling stainless steel table, the students — wearing white aprons and brandishing cleavers, saws and hatchets — took turns cutting up the carcass. They sawed through flesh, chopped through bones and sliced off tendons until the animal was reduced to hundreds of individual cuts of meat.

“I like the part when you cut the head and you see what’s inside. You discover pieces here and there that you didn’t expect,” said Alex Castellarnau, a designer in San Francisco. “It’s very crafty. I had a lot of fun using the different tools.”


4 thoughts on “AP article on Classes in Butchery.

  1. It’s a fascinating subject, bringing the farm to suburbia. It has been maligned at times, making spectacle of food, but in my opinion as long as the pig isn’t wasted (no I wouldn’t give the guts to the dog, wash and clean them and make suasage and tripe dishes) it allows for a more reasonable return to the farmer with a closer association to the consumer.

    1. Eugenio,
      I agree with you on full use of the offal, but I have seen situations where man’s best friend gets loose and goes nuts. I try to avoid those situations, but have seen them occur.
      One needs a bit of room to disjoint any critter larger than a chicken. And secure places to put the sections. My old man was a physician in a small South Texas and roadkills and hunting trips provided chances to teach me basic anatomy on the fly.

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