Roasting Hatch (NM) Chiles

I was in the Huguenot Road Fresh Market Thursday and saw they had some Hatch chiles. I bought a couple of pounds and today I roasted them and will peel them, use some tonight,  and freeze the rest.

Hatch chiles over charcoal

chiles on the grill

Here they are after being turned once.

hatch chiles

The smell is exquisite. Back in the civilized world, you'll buy a tow sack or two of these and they will roast these for you in a revolving mesh cage over propane.

They are in a plastic sack now, sweating, and getting ready to be peeled. These are fairly mild chiles. Pity, that.

sweat the chile

Chiles en repose.

Red or green?


4 responses to “Roasting Hatch (NM) Chiles

  1. Gotta shop today and Fresh Market will be enroute, so a little chiles verdes for dinner sounds like a winner to me! Now if I only had some ABQ sopapillas to go with it!

  2. Last week I saw a miniscule rotary gas chile roaster at the Parham Fresh Market. I laughed. You might have gotten a 1/6th of a bushel of chiles in it. You Easterners ain’t got a clue.

  3. I agree, there aren’t many things that smell better than Hatch chilis being roasted.

  4. Got some in the freezer.. maybe break ’em out for Mardi Gras with some pozole verde con puerco!

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