Let’s hear it for bacon!

One of the 3.14 major food groups (this includes pie, too). I like the Whiskey & herbes de provence cure that Belmont Butchery does.

bacon & aigs!
It's what's fer breakfast!
Image courtesy of Joe Nick Patoski



4 thoughts on “Let’s hear it for bacon!

  1. If you like bacon you might like the quilt at the lamplighter. I weave 6 pieces into a tight knit quilt. It comes on toasted Italian bread with roasted garlic dukes mayo mixed greens Roma tomatoes and thin sliced red onion. The weaving insures perfect bacon to bite ratio. You can add avocado and call it a pancho or add avocado and a cage free egg and have it on a butter croissant and call it Mina module. Just sayin, if you like bacon we got you.

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