A couple of apple tarts

Oona made apple tarts yesterday and glazed them with apricot jam thinned with rum. They are very, very good. She used the Jacques Pepin recipe, more or less.

We also cooked a roasting hen, mashed sweet potatoes with chipotle, asparagus, fresh sugar snap peas, and a salad with frisee, boston, artichoke hearts, & tomatoes. This was with a nice pinot grigio from Once Upon A Vine South.

The larger tart:

Half of the larger apple tart.

The smaller tart:

The smaller of the two tarts.

One thought on “A couple of apple tarts

  1. The tarts look very yummy indeed. Yowsa! I cooked a small fresh turkey (8 lbs) in a manner I saw on America’s test kitchen, in pieces over a bed of onions, carrots, celery, garlic and stock. Made some cranberry confit via Ina Garten and my own dressing, a fairly standard version. Zinfandel from california.

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