A nice steak from Belmont.

I’ve been busy. This is the most advanced cooking I can handle, other than makin’ a pot of frijoles rosados.

belmont ny strip
belmont steak

I put some Penzey’s “muralla del sabor” on this sucker.

la parilla

Stubb’s makes good charcoal.

Looking out over the holler!

The deck and its environs. No hablo “gas grill”.

flame on!
First turn.

Move it to the side.. this fire could have cooked a load more meat. One could also roast an aubergine for baba ganoush in the cooker as it cooled.

It's done to my taste.

Now for the slice.. tender as a maiden’s heart.

slice steak
May not be done enough for some folks. I have had cheese that was less tender than this.

Hurrah for Belmont!


5 thoughts on “A nice steak from Belmont.

  1. Well, that looks incredibly tasty. I do love the cow in nearly every form. Saturday I grilled lamb kabobs and they turned out real nice. Are you in KC yet? I’ve been reading a Willie Nelson novel, if you can feature that. Out of Luck, I think it is called. Pretty good.

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