Oregon in February: Tacos y NWPA

I was out that way, attending the annual SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER FESTIVAL in Boring, Oregon last weekend. Not much happened there, but I did have the best tacos al pastor that I have ever had at the El Jaliscense taco truck near the Boring Fire Station.

Boring, Oregon taco truck
I had the best tacos al pastor here...

Tacos tend to be no more than $1.50 out there. I find it difficult to pay the Richmond going rate for tacos of $2.50. They guys who charge this must be freakin’ chilangos. “y TAKOS! No me dijé..

I also brought carne adobado tacos to my mother-in-law’s so we’d have a quick lunch. These were from a neighborhood taqueria called TACOS DEL SUR.
They were great, with radishes and 5 types of salsa available.

tacos de carne adobado.
I like to get lunch for three people for under ten bucks!!

I went by the neon salmon, but bought nothing. I was going to make some clam chowder, but decided not to.

Hail the neon salmon!

And Deschutes Brewery has a great new Pale Ale. NWPA Red Chair. But oh, this is wonderful stuff.

Some of the best beer I have ever tasted in my life!

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