La Milpa gets a makeover!!

I have been meaning to document this for at least a month. They’ve redone the stucco in a sky blue with embellishments. Quite handsome, I’d say. I’ll go by and take some more photos when the dining/cooking tent is down.

La Milpa sign
Note the blue finish.
Nice facade.

Whoever did this did a nice job. Reminds me of home in South Texas.

more of the makeover.
Facing Hull Street
corn motif
Noth entry with corn motif

This is nicer than in a lot of the toffee nosed places downtown. Seguro que hell yes!

South entry with Quetzalcoatl motif

Flower beds

planting beds
Para flores

The banner.. which says

outdoor carnitas/they are here/enjoy them!

carnitas listas
Note the happy cartoon chanchito!


I got a carnita taco and is was as good as always. There were three fine salsas to go with this..

Mr Impolitic Eye needs to quit eatin’ at the hifalutin places. I nearly took a photo of the tripitas (chitlins), but I left my camera in the truck when I sat down to eat my taco.

Chorizo con cebollas!

a la plancha!
Chorizo and onions..

2 thoughts on “La Milpa gets a makeover!!

  1. Thanks for posting this! I haven’t seen Martin in years. He use to have great celebrations in front of the store when he was in the westend. I’m going to go see him today…

  2. For the record, Mr. Impolitic Eye has a catalog of less high-falutin’ places to eat. I just leave posting about such places to others at the moment.

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