Pork chop

I did this same sort of series with a Belmont Butchery steak last fall. Here’s a similar operation with a couple of boneless pork chops I got at Kroger. (Hey, I’m trying to save money, Tanya!) <snargle>

pork chops 1
I used lemon juice and some of Stubbs' Chile-Lime Rub on these succulent boogers. That was all.
after the anointment
on the grill
the grates outdoors
It's done..

These will be sliced for sandwiches to take to work during the week. I’m amazed at how many folks go out to eat every day. Must be nice (maybe).

P.S.  How do these jokers get corporate funding for their ever-so wistful food bloggerie? I sure as hell would drink the Stubbs’ Kool-ade. I’d take his free charcoal. <snargle>


One thought on “Pork chop

  1. Them folks that eats out all the time can’t cook their ways out of a paper bag. They can’t boil water without burning it. And they all have insubstantial and dysfunctional pleasure receptors in important places!

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