Mariachi Grill

It’s owned by Colombians. Who know little about Mexican food. The place is nice (table cloths, multiple stemware, multiple forks, and they have a decent bunch of mariachis..)

However, the puerco  chile verde seemed like the pork had been precooked (and not in the salsa verde), the frijoles y arroz were so-so and they had that ridiculous “solamente en Richmond” white glop as a sauce. I ask again, whose idea was this? Even the mejicanas who are the meseras are baffled by it. Porque?

nice table
mesa bonita

The meal wasn’t bad, but El Vaquero does much better.. here’s the plate I had.

uff da.
Looks nice, but is bland..

The mariachis did know some obscure tunes and I put something in their tip jar. That was pleasant.

But the place is pretty gringoized. Lots of synthetic looking margaritas. Ergh.


6 thoughts on “Mariachi Grill

  1. I’ve hear that the management is opening up a “Moroccan restaurant” in the Short Pump area. Beware..

    I hope to try out Panchitos Taqueria (where The Hook was) with Ms Monkey Dish this weekend. It looks to be open now.. I hope it’s run by Mexicans.

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