Gringo Advertising Swag.

OK, I go into an ABC store to buy a small bottle of spiritus frumenti for the freezer. I go over to check out the tequila and I see my potation of choice, Sauza Hornitos. I look at the choices and I see that one type of packaging comes with a complementary shot glass. I look and it’s called “The Devil’s Horn”. It has no flat bottom and the marketers pendejones are taking the Spanish word “hornitos” and assuming it means “horn”. Hornitos has nothing to do with the English word “horn”.. (Horn in Spanish is cuerno as in cornucopia.)  Anyway, a shot glass you can’t set down seems rather poorly designed. Hell, this ain’t Heorot and you ain’t Beowulf!  Hwaet, y’all.

And it ain't made from horny toads, neither, ya consarn varmints!

Horno means oven as in the Italian forno, The agave  piñas are roasted in an oven which is one of the preliminary processes in the production of tequila. It’s a rather complex process which doesn’t need to be sullied with the  concept of machismo.

Hijole! Que barbaridad!

I didn’t get tequila. I got some gin instead.


5 thoughts on “Gringo Advertising Swag.

  1. I’ve always shunned Hornitos because I assumed it was playing off another seeming homonym and I figured it wasn’t serious tequila if it depended on innuendo for its branding. Anyhow, it was on sale recently. I bypassed the free shot glass (not because of its uselessness, but because I prefer to sip tequila and that does mean setting it down sometimes). Anyhow. It’s good. Very smokey. Maybe that’s the oven’s influence.

  2. I’ve known about Hornitos since the 1950s. The feinschmeckers in my folks’ crowd near Piedras Negras thought it was the best available at that point in time.

    And it’s not as expensive as the trendy reposado in the “kewt” bottles.

  3. I don’t think it’s better than the cheaper El Jimador. And, I’m kinda fond of the kewt, and so smooth, Espolon (same price point). Name another agave you’re into.

    1. Cazador (with the deer head), Herradura Añejo, and the tradicional José Cuervo (the plain white bottle). But the best ones I’ve ever had were sans label. Tío Agapito or his cousin, Chuy, brought it to a wedding; Enrique H. brought some to a funeral. This was back in Texas,

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