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  1. Alright, from one Mexican to another, any ideas where I can get carne de chivo here in kasas city? I’m tired of trying to make Birria with roast beef. I’m about ready to fly back to California just for some freaking goat. I’ve seen herds of them all over the place here…so why can’t I just go to a Carneciera and get some????

    1. Hmm. I’m not in KC full-time (yet).

      I think chivo is available at Carniceria El Torito on Independence, at Carniceria El Torito on St Johns (I like this one better). and at Bonito Michoacan on Minnesota in KCKS. Anyway, Chapala on E. Truman serves great birria de chivo Monday – Saturday para almuerzo.

      Hope this helps.

  2. I live in Independence! I went to Torrito, but you had to special order the Chivo. I ended up going to KCK….and I found about 18 pounds! NO cabezas though :( If you like Salvadoran food check out Pulgracitos on Truman and Jackson. OMG. The best Sopa de Res ever! And Pupusas. Thanks for your help, we will have birria for supper tonight!

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