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Foodies are Punks. (The Gourmand)

(From The Paris Review) ::

The term *foodie* is an infantilism.. it’s a diminutive;  the sort of term that a child would use, like doggie or duckie.  Or kiddie-winkie.

The Gourmand


Charlotta-Westergren: Victory from The Gourmand



At the corner of Proust & Powell:

I guess a flaneuse can’t be a foodie.


Supposedly Walt Disney's KC studio.

Still no gossip:

None of of my peeps at VCU have had to babysit Rao’s chirren.

Where does Rao go for for a quick dosa?


No gossip here. Feliz Navidad & Joyeux Noel & Frohe Wiehnachten

I have no head-splitting, gut binding gossip. Sorry.


Spelling TACO with a “que?”

The letter K! is seldom used.  Taco is hardly a loanword…

Spanish uses the Latin alphabet like most European languages, but the letter K is used only in a handful of loanwords to represent the sound usually written as C or QU.