An essay on Texas and food..

By Irina Alexandra Dumitrescu (noted scholar)

corn motif
La Milpa, Richmond, VA

I was at MEKONG on Thursday. Where the hell were you?

My colleague Dr. Benway and I had some rather good Virginia beer at MEKONG Thursday night. My favorite was the Flemish ale kept in  a Kluge wine barrel. None of this was lawnmower beer. Seguro que hell no!

hard at work
Behind the bar!
back from the bar
Dr. Benway returns!
Released Kraken salad! It was good.

The peripatetic muse of beer.

The last two beers Dr Benway and I had were extremely strong so we didn’t finish them.  Such is life and hats off to An for his hospitality.

Serially, folks:

One could do a PORTLANDIA for any city with a “scene”.  I lived in Austin for 20 years and in Richmond, VA for 21. Clueless hipsters are nothing new, kids.

Linklater’s SLACKER did not have the big yucks that PORTLANDIA does, though. Or the budget.

chicken thighs
Token food image.

& Richmond claims to be the third most tattooed city in the US. This is probably due to all of the trust fund kiddies who spend their patrimony on skin “ort”.  Too many layabouts.

NewYears Day/Blackeyed Peas

I found some fresh blackeyed peas and I’m simmering them in white wine with thyme, oregano,  savory, a scrap or two of pancetta, and some chile caribe from New Mexico.

Blackeyed peas for New Years Day

I wonder if I should cook rice or cornbread? (I did rice. Easier.)

(Note: a New Years Day ER meet up would be interesting.  Karen can come, too.)