TEXAS MONTHLY now has a barbecue editor!

From the NY Times.

Approx: 2:00 PM
crankin’ away

and a scene I painted taken from a photo taken by a pal of mine, Mike Farmer. It’s at Kreuz Market in Lockhart, TX

Kreuz scene
Altercation at the counter

This bourgeois eating stuff has to stop!

Come on.. I wish CHETTI’S COW AND CLAM was still around. Everything’s getting so hoity-toity;  por ejemplo, a craft beer joint in this burg called SEDONA. That’s the Sausalito of the desert southwest.Think New Hope, PA. Too cute for words. And alien power loci, too. Go to Roswell if you want *aliens*..

Where can a normal person get a dozen steamers  like you could at CHETTI’S these days? Yeah, the VFWs around Bawlmer have ’em, but that’s one heck of a drive for bivalves. And no local seafood dealers want to carry steamers. And I hardly want to give John Mackey at WHOLE PAYCHECK any of my $$ if I can help it!

Sebastienne at the Kemper.

Friday night was my last night in Kansas City. We went to the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art to have dinner at Café Sebastienne.

We ate before going to the galleries, Oona ordering a dirty martini and I a local pale ale. We ordered a watermelon, tomato, & goat cheese salad and mussels cooked in coconut milk curry. Here is evidence of how good it was. And it was under $30.00. Try that in Rich-mond

curry-stained plates..
We got some nice rolls with which to sop this up..

Here is some of the impressive art we saw.

L Rivers
Something Japanese by Larry Rivers.

and this:

Old Vlad
V.I. Lenin with Miss Mao balancing. By the Gao Brothers. This was recently in Vancouver, Eh.
L Bourgeois spider behind me
Watch out for the Louise Bourgeois spider!

There’s also the  Nelson-Atkins Museum of more traditional art. We were there on Thursday. Here’s a sample..