Wurst Case Scenario..



Rheinlander, in Independence, MO

I had the bratwurst plate last night.. great German-style brats and the best home made sauerkraut that I have had in years. It had little juniper berries in it.

Daß schmeckt gut.

I had a wonderful Spaten Oktoberfest with this.

More from LOCAL PIG

I got some of their pork/porcini/thyme sausage on Monday. And a little of their bacon. It’s all good!

lp box
Local Pig box & brussels sprouts
lp wrapper
Pork/porcini/thyme sausage. Trust me!

I’d have more photos, but the batteries in my camera went South. Sorry folks. I poached these in a bit of home made chicken stock and white vermouth. They went fast!