Recent food.. Nov 3, 2016

carne machaca
Carne Machaca from Arizona… yum!
La Fondita
Terry Holzapple and I used to work together in Texas on archaeological projects in the 70s.. We’re both in Oregon, now.. having lonche at La Fondita, close to our house..



Blast from the Past: Hipp’s Bubble Room.

This place was a few blocks from my old man’s office on McCullough in San Antonio. Great burgers and decor! From the early 60’s? The cast of VIVA MAX ate and drank here a lot.

Hipp’s menu.

Christmas lights up all year.. and a shelf all around the room  near the ceiling that had an electric train running.


STYLE Weakly gets something right!

Their MEAT ISSUE mentions the Big Apple Market on Jeff Davis. Who let them off their West End tether? Next they’ll be reviewing the Guate bars in that neck of the woods.

preppng the cow's head for barbacoa de cabeza..
Barbacoa con Big Red! (Randy Garibay 1939 - 2002)

It should be noted that Big Apple’s fish market can be rather aromatic in the summer. And they usually have the widest selection of dried beans in the area. Flor de mayo, Mayacoba, Canario, y mucho mas! And they often have tins of Caldo de Garrobo (iguana soup) which is said to be an aid in combatting hangovers and an aid for impotence.

Menudo at El Vaquero

I’ve had a hankering for menudo for a couple of weeks.

(from wikipedia)

The soup menudo is a traditional Mexican dish, made with hominy and tripe in a clear broth or occasionally with a red chile base (this variation is called menudo colorado). It is traditionally served on special occasions or with family. Usually, lime, chopped onions, and chopped cilantro are added, as well as crushed oregano and crushed red chili peppers. Boiled tripe has a tough chewy texture very similar to calamari, but with a completely unique flavor and smell.

Menudo is usually eaten with tortillas or other breads, such as bolillo. It is often chilled and reheated, which causes a more concentrated flavor. The popularity of menudo in Mexico is such that Mexico is a major export market for stomach tripe from US and Canadian beef producers. Large frozen blocks of imported menudo meat can frequently be seen in Mexican meat markets.

Menudo is essentially a poor people’s food. One of the two prime ingredients is hominy, or nixtamalized corn, an ingredient that has provided nourishment to Mesoamerican peoples for millennia; the other is tripe, an offal meat usually eaten by the poor. Menudo is also a familial food, in the preparation of which the entire family participates, and even serves as an occasion for social interaction with others, since oftentimes throngs of people with pots in hand will wait at the butcher’s shop to buy their menudo, if their families no longer make it themselves.

Given that menudo is time and labor intensive to prepare–the tripe takes hours to cook (or else it is extremely tough), and many ingredients and side dishes (such as salsa) need to be cut and cooked–the dish is often prepared communally and eaten at a feast; documents from the Works Progress Administration indicate that in the 1930s, among (migrant) workers in Arizona, menudo parties were held regularly to celebrate births, Christmas, and other occasions.

It’s also said to be a cure for hangovers.. it’s a bit like Vietnamese phò, in that regard.

Pa’ un crudo, come menudo”   (for a hangover, eat menudo, Breakfast of Champions)

Menudo, que rico!

I had a nice bowl of it for breakfast today at El Vaquero after my usual 2-mile walk. I was not hungover, either.

Get a real taco truck!

Two Producers thinks yuppie-logoed vehicular food is taco truck. Que lastima!

This is a taco truck!

la milpa's taco bus
One of La Milpa's several taco trucks.

It should serve stuff like tripe tacos, brain tacos and tongue tacos. Did someone drop you guys on the head when you were young?

Camionetas de cupcake! No me dije!

Shoulder Clod: Round 4

OK, here we are. I got the smoker going at 5:30 this AM and put the meat on at 6:30 AM. I will take it off around 8-10 tonight.

the smoker
5:30 AM June 4, 2010

Inside the cooker..

meat's on!
2 shoulder clods with a goat leg behind.

This is for a wedding up in Nelson County tomorrow. I used to cook goat for 300 folks at a whack back in the day in Texas.  Speaking of which, I may be able to be a judge at the World Championship Goat Cook-Off in Brady, Texas if I’m down thataway during Labor Day.

Now something from Wally Gonzalez, the Taco Kid.