Red Norlands & other veg: Aug 2016

Volunteer tomatoes
English cucumbers… they produced a lot.. will plant only 2 hills next year,, not 4.
Winter squash

I planted garlic about 2 weeks ago..  three kinds.. 1 from a neighbor, and Nootka Rose & Roja.. Last night I saw at least 25 shoots coming up.. I need to get some straw to mulch this bed.
And we’ve found the grey Italian zucchini cultivars have a better texture than the all green varieties..



Lamb for Thanksgiving in KCMO

No turkey for us. One of our familials really can’t abide turkey. I went shopping the day before Thanksgiving and got half a leg of lamb that they cut for me at a fine market called McGonigle’s. No waiting, no crowding. I was pleased at how well behaved folks were. I was noticing pre-holiday nuttiness and angst the weekend before in RVA in the grocery stores.

I took the lamb out Thanksgiving morning to get it to room temperature. A few hours later, I slivered up a bunch of fresh garlic and cut some fresh rosemary off the stems. I poked a bunch of holes into the fat side of the lamb and stuffed garlic slivers and rosemary into them.

Legolamb prepped for the oven with garlic & rosemary

I had the oven set at 450F and placed the lamb pan in the oven and then dropped the temp to 350F. We figured the lamb would take 2 hours & 20 minutes. I took a quick nap and found that the oven had only gone down to 400F. I figured I should check it at an hour and a half. The lamb appeared to be ready after two hours. I cut the oven off and let it set in the oven for another 15 minutes. I yanked it out and here is what we had.

roast lamb

It was wonderful.

first cut
Be still my heart!

And here is what it looked like on the inside.

punkin pie
A really fine pie.

Other dishes included a rice casserole, brussels sprouts, and pumpkin pie.

The lamb fond and the lamb bones made a lovely barley soup that we had for several days afterwards.