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Sacred Heart Festival: June 12, 2010

After going to the mural opening where I was interviewed in Spanish by Telemundo….

hull st mural
North end of the mural

we went over to Sacred heart for their street festival and had some nice fruit with lime juice & chile and some guava raspas. The grills smelled good, but it seemed too hot to eat anything heavy..

We watched some of the Zacatecan Matachines for a bit and escaped to our AC down Midlothian..

Matachines de Zacatecas
Matachines de Zacatecas (Mexican Morris dancing)

Evidently they weathered the late Saturday afternoon storm without a problem

Shoulder Clod: Round 4

OK, here we are. I got the smoker going at 5:30 this AM and put the meat on at 6:30 AM. I will take it off around 8-10 tonight.

the smoker
5:30 AM June 4, 2010

Inside the cooker..

meat's on!
2 shoulder clods with a goat leg behind.

This is for a wedding up in Nelson County tomorrow. I used to cook goat for 300 folks at a whack back in the day in Texas.  Speaking of which, I may be able to be a judge at the World Championship Goat Cook-Off in Brady, Texas if I’m down thataway during Labor Day.

Now something from Wally Gonzalez, the Taco Kid.