Red Norlands & other veg: Aug 2016

Volunteer tomatoes
English cucumbers… they produced a lot.. will plant only 2 hills next year,, not 4.
Winter squash

I planted garlic about 2 weeks ago..  three kinds.. 1 from a neighbor, and Nootka Rose & Roja.. Last night I saw at least 25 shoots coming up.. I need to get some straw to mulch this bed.
And we’ve found the grey Italian zucchini cultivars have a better texture than the all green varieties..



Our garden in Salem, Oregon..(#1)

Brenda has done a wonderful job on this…  we’ve had chard enchiladas a couple of times (enchiladas de acelgas) and the beets are great.. We’ve made pesto and need to make more.. putting in some thai basil tonight.

Czech tomato:
Tomato Stupice (in czech – Stupicke polni rane) (in english – Stupice field early) arisened from crossing (Rheinland glory x Mikado x Solanum racemigerum) in cultivator station in community Stupice (near Prague) in 1955. Good for cooler climates.
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back view
Brenda in the back of the garden
between the rows
between the rows; flagolet green beans in the foreground..
lechuga rojo
red lettuce
Making zucchini buttermilk soup..


Okra-Corn Maque-Choux

Lots of fresh corn, okra, tomatoes, & peppers are available now in KCMO.

Two links of italian sausage, skinned
one chopped medium onion (I used red onion) {one could use shallots, I reckon}
two crushed cloves of garlic
1 tbs olive oil
Cut corn from 3 ears of fresh sweet corn
1 cup of chopped okra
1 cup of chopped tomatoes
1 cup of chopped peppers ( I used red & “yaller” peppers and about a tbs of minced jalapeño, or more, si tu quieres)
1 tbs Mexican oregano
1 bay leaf

Chopping okra
in the pot.
Aerial view of maque-choux



c’est fini!

Serve with rice.