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Red Snapper RVA Sept 21 2013

Cooked this last weekend..

red snappere

red snappper

prep done; ready for the oven

Before the oven..

finished fish

Let’s eat..


Bourdain on the Simpsons Nov 13, 2011

And something on waiters from Houston..

More on Ejay Rin

There’s potential here..

wall carp

an illuminated wall-carp

One of the plates.


Salmon sashimi, I seem to recall. Quite nice.

From the grocery shelf…

My colleague, Fraulein Doktor Worley, who teaches Rhetorick & Lit out at the Harvey Mudd/Claremont/Pomona Snake U. edutopian megaplex out in Las Califas showed this to me. I guess this is what happens after the Kraken is unleashed.  Calamarónes sinverguenzas!!

unleash the kraken!

Que sabroso! Calamarones!