Bourdain** slags Paula Deen.

So what. He’s already slagged Alice Waters.

Paula & Alice are equally obnoxious but in very different ways.

big al
Would Big Al take Paula Deen 3 out of 5 falls?

**I corrected the spelling: Boudain is a francophone/cajun sausage. Silly me.


Eating in Houston for the Final Four

Try this from Eating Our Words, a Houston food blogging accumulator. I’m a bit late with this, but I haven’t followed sport since they disbanded the Southwest Conference.


we dance as good as we walk



Dining out this weekend is guaranteed to be mass (or approaching critical mass) chaos. Shelby Hodge, writing for CultureMap, reports that nearly all of the high-end places close to downtown are booked solid for the weekend, while just as many other popular restaurants have been designated as official Final Four viewing party locations for visiting fans. 29-95 has a full list for all four team’s fan bases, which includes spots like Christian’s Tailgate and Cadillac Bar (and a Chili’s? WTF?).

In other words, look forward to a total clusterf**k if you want to eat out. And that’s before taking into account all the road closures. So what’s a visitor to our fair city to do?

Shoulder Clod: Round 4

OK, here we are. I got the smoker going at 5:30 this AM and put the meat on at 6:30 AM. I will take it off around 8-10 tonight.

the smoker
5:30 AM June 4, 2010

Inside the cooker..

meat's on!
2 shoulder clods with a goat leg behind.

This is for a wedding up in Nelson County tomorrow. I used to cook goat for 300 folks at a whack back in the day in Texas.  Speaking of which, I may be able to be a judge at the World Championship Goat Cook-Off in Brady, Texas if I’m down thataway during Labor Day.

Now something from Wally Gonzalez, the Taco Kid.

World’s Best Restaurant: from The Torygraph

“In an elaborate ceremony at London’s Guildhall on Monday evening, Redzepi beat the two men flanking him, Ferran Adria and Heston Blumenthal, as his restaurant Noma was declared greatest place to eat on the planet – decent going for a converted whale blubber store in Copenhagen, once dismissed by a sniffy critic as “the stinking whale”.”

Good going for a kid from Macedonia..