Okra-Corn Maque-Choux

Lots of fresh corn, okra, tomatoes, & peppers are available now in KCMO.

Two links of italian sausage, skinned
one chopped medium onion (I used red onion) {one could use shallots, I reckon}
two crushed cloves of garlic
1 tbs olive oil
Cut corn from 3 ears of fresh sweet corn
1 cup of chopped okra
1 cup of chopped tomatoes
1 cup of chopped peppers ( I used red & “yaller” peppers and about a tbs of minced jalapeño, or more, si tu quieres)
1 tbs Mexican oregano
1 bay leaf

Chopping okra
in the pot.
Aerial view of maque-choux



c’est fini!

Serve with rice.



Gas grill pork roast..

I’m having to learn how to use a gas grill for something other than straight grilling..  it’s not like my smokers where I can use offset heat.

Here’s a nice pork roast I did for Memorial Day.

Gas grill Pork Roast May 2012

Fresh Garbanzos

Got some of these yesterday at El Torito #3. My friend Marta was there (she’s the main cook at El Korita and was buying a passel of poblanos for the restaurant) and asked what I could do with them. She said “put them in a caldo or a soup”. So I did.

garbanzos frescas
Shelling garbanzos with a chilaca chile (a green pasilla).

I had some stock from a dish I made last weekend, Chicken with Lemon & pine nuts.  I sauteed a chopped onion and parboiled the garbanzos in salted water. I added a chopped red bell pepper to the onions and softened it. I added the garbanzos, some cooked chicken, then three pints of stock, and some cooked brown rice and simmered this  for about 45 minutes. Here’s how the soup came out. It was great.

Chicken soup with fresh garbanzos.

Tamales from Carniceria Camecuaro

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when I picked up a half dozen tamales for our lunch at Carniceria Camecuaro. I was expecting them to be in hojas de maiz (corn husks), but they were wrapped in banana leaves. These turned out to be estilo salvadoreño and were full of chicken & vegetables. Sort of like a chicken pot pie, but better.

This is a block south of Independence, behind GRINGO LOCO #2

Here’s a series of photos of one of these tamales.

tamale 1
Just opened

Nearly done…

tamale 2
Muy sabroso.

The vegetables included corn, potato, carrots, & poblano chile. The banana leaf wrapper adds a different flavor to the tamale; it’s more earthy than the regular hoja de maiz wrapper.

Another Taqueria… El Korita

This one has wonderful adobado and al pastor tacos. The fish tacos are great, too.  And they have carne machacada! I still haven’t had their pozole or menudo which are said to be some of the best in Kansas City.

El Korita
Estilo Nayarit

They make their tortillas by hand and the people there are most pleasant. We like the signage.

It’s across Independence from the new (and spiffy) El Torito Market.

Pig roast at Local Pig, KCMO and another opening.

Wow.. this was great. They made their own beans and the cole slaw was not some bland and overly sweet grocery store salad bar mush. I was most impressed.  This was for the grand opening at Local Pig, a an artisanal butcher shop that produces charcuterie  in the East Bottoms. This is about two blocks from Knucklehead’s, a music venue where have I occasionally sat in on accordion at the blues jams, just north, across the railroad tracks.

Inside the Local Pig..
The Local Pig has a nice interior.

There was quite a crowd, even when I got there a bit after noon. It was chilly and windy, in the 40s, but pleasant. There seemed to be a rather well-behaved crowd.

behind the Local Pig
The crowd is served.

The plates were quite nice. The buns/rolls were amazingly good. Not some sort of  Bunny Bread/burger bun dreck.

Here’s a photo of my plate.

Pork plate at Local Pig's grand opening.

If I had known, I could have gotten some ribs. But I didn’t. Here’s a plate of rib remains. Sigh. Whimper.

Had I just know; I could have had a rib or three. Shucks.

Lest we forget, the guest of honor… a noble beast..

cabeza de chancho
Head office!

And here’s the guest of honor with the woman who was nobly serving the Boulevard Ales on tap. Good work, folks!

the guest and a minion
The Guest of Honor and one of his Minions..

Not forgetting, EL TORITO #3 (I think it’s number 3) just opened its new supermercado on the north side of Independence Avenue, across from ACE Hardware. It’s a really nice place to shop for comida and has a great carniceria.

King Cake from Last night’s Mardi gras party in KCMO:

22 guests chowed down on Praline bacon, BBQ shrimp, muffaletta olive salad bruschetta, spinach salad with tomato, red onion dressed with creole vinaigrette, shrimp creole over rice, onion and tomato pie, cheese souffle, sweet potatoes with cognac and pear, garlic cheese grits, king cake and bananas Foster… and much wine, beer, champagne and absinthe Suissesse.

Here’s the King Cake:
Last night's King Cake!