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My salsa de jour:
I don’t want to buy a new jug of SRIRACHA until Oregon. This’ll do fine and it’s small and inexpensive. This is migas con chorizo (from BONITO MICHOACAN/Olathe).

de Nayarit..



Made it to Oregon..

Well, I hope to be out of the KC area by the middle of May. Thence to Salem, Oregon. I’ll not miss Brownbackistan one whit. I will have a place to garden and to have a smoker again. No more apartment cooking. Yahoo!


The carniceria closest to us in Salem. El Torito.

Will be glad to be there..  real strawberries.. not those cardboard ones from Las Califas.  Serious wineries, more craft brewing. Hell, I may get me a cajun cooker, too. Quien sabe?


Tacos from El Sureño. A block from El Torito

Tacos al pastor en Kansas City, MO.

These were all take-out orders..
from Carniceria El Torito!

Tacos al pastor from Carniceria El Torito!

And they are only a buck on Tuesdays!

Tacos al pastor from Taqueria Mejico #2
Tacos al pastor from Taqueria Mejico #2

At this place one can sit down and have a Bohemia, a much better beer than Dos Equis.  I would be happy to shill for Bohemia since I am a lot more interesting than the most interesting man in the world. I’ve read he’s really from Brooklyn and formerly a lawyer.

Here’s a painting from the wall of the Carniceria El Torito (on St Johns). Nice place, nice folks.

pintura de chancho

Pintura de chancho

La Milpa gets a makeover!!

I have been meaning to document this for at least a month. They’ve redone the stucco in a sky blue with embellishments. Quite handsome, I’d say. I’ll go by and take some more photos when the dining/cooking tent is down.

La Milpa sign

Note the blue finish.


Nice facade.

Whoever did this did a nice job. Reminds me of home in South Texas.

more of the makeover.

Facing Hull Street

corn motif

Noth entry with corn motif

This is nicer than in a lot of the toffee nosed places downtown. Seguro que hell yes!


South entry with Quetzalcoatl motif

Flower beds

planting beds

Para flores

The banner.. which says

outdoor carnitas/they are here/enjoy them!

carnitas listas

Note the happy cartoon chanchito!



I got a carnita taco and is was as good as always. There were three fine salsas to go with this..

Mr Impolitic Eye needs to quit eatin’ at the hifalutin places. I nearly took a photo of the tripitas (chitlins), but I left my camera in the truck when I sat down to eat my taco.

Chorizo con cebollas!

a la plancha!

Chorizo and onions..

Cerro Azul mitotically divides and moves east.

Flat Rock’s traditional Mexican restaurant CERRO AZUL has opened another branch in the Midlothian Station Center. Where Hancock Fabrics & The Thrifty Quaker are.

It’s at Midlothian Turnpike & Coal Field Road.

Tell them they need to bring back Bohemia beer. They used to carry it.


The best Mexican beer you can get in the U.S.

El Vaquero again!!

Oona got back from Oregon and we went to El Vaquero tonight.  She had the chicken quesadilla plate (with rice, beans & salad) and I had carne asada gorditas.  And we each had a glass of horchata.

The owner brought us out a complementary bowl of their Friday special, caldo de res. Which is a restorative pho-like beef soup with potato, carrot, & cabbage in it. This place is one of the best non-gringoized Mexican restaurants in this burg. We may go there for breakfast tomorrow.

el vaquero

Carta de negocios

Heard in El Matamoros in Austin in the 1970s from a vegetarian:

Could I have carne guisada tacos without meat?


El Vaquero

I’ve been watching the signs for this Mexican restaurant’s opening since the first of the year. I was on my way back from checking out tonight’s Art Space opening and cruising down Hull, scoping out the verdadero Taco Trucks at El Happy Mart, El TacoRey, usw.

I turned up Turner to get back to Midlothian and decided to check out El Vaquero, in the Marshall’s shopping center.

It’s a very basic place and, like a real Mexican restaurant it is open at 8AM for breakfast, 7 days a week. I may try that tomorrow since they have menudo on weekends (not that I am expecting a hangover, since menudo is said to be a remedy for such maladies).

“Pa’ un crudo/come menudo”

I had a couple of gorditas al pastor (marinated pork) and they were quite good with the requisite onions & cilantro. Their salsas (green & red) are homemade and they don’t have that wretched white dreck on the table. They seem to be making their own corn tortillas, too, which is a good sign.

Other dishes include tongue, tripe, chicken flautas, horchata, and several types of tamales on weekends. They have an ABC permit, but the beer hadn’t been delivered yet. This may be a good place to watch the Mexico/Argentina game on Sunday afternoon, too!

el vaquero

It's under the sign in the middle.