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Afroculinaria: Virginia food.


looks like a pork chop

Looks Like a Pork Chop


Simple food.

“simple food is an act of defiance”

Brooks Headly. NPR Morning edition, Jan 1, 2015


Blackeyed peas for New Years Day

Feliz Navidad 2014



Made it to Oregon..

Well, I hope to be out of the KC area by the middle of May. Thence to Salem, Oregon. I’ll not miss Brownbackistan one whit. I will have a place to garden and to have a smoker again. No more apartment cooking. Yahoo!


The carniceria closest to us in Salem. El Torito.

Will be glad to be there..  real strawberries.. not those cardboard ones from Las Califas.  Serious wineries, more craft brewing. Hell, I may get me a cajun cooker, too. Quien sabe?


Tacos from El Sureño. A block from El Torito

Un tamal


Un Tamal
oil pastels and GIMPed

Christmas tamale making.


Tamales Dec 2014

TEXAS MONTHLY now has a barbecue editor!

From the NY Times.


Approx: 2:00 PM

crankin’ away

and a scene I painted taken from a photo taken by a pal of mine, Mike Farmer. It’s at Kreuz Market in Lockhart, TX

Kreuz scene

Altercation at the counter

Gas grill pork roast..

I’m having to learn how to use a gas grill for something other than straight grilling..  it’s not like my smokers where I can use offset heat.

Here’s a nice pork roast I did for Memorial Day.


Gas grill Pork Roast May 2012