Red Snapper RVA Sept 21 2013

Cooked this last weekend..

red snappere
red snappper
prep done; ready for the oven
Before the oven..
finished fish
Let’s eat..

I was at MEKONG on Thursday. Where the hell were you?

My colleague Dr. Benway and I had some rather good Virginia beer at MEKONG Thursday night. My favorite was the Flemish ale kept in  a Kluge wine barrel. None of this was lawnmower beer. Seguro que hell no!

hard at work
Behind the bar!
back from the bar
Dr. Benway returns!
Released Kraken salad! It was good.

The peripatetic muse of beer.

The last two beers Dr Benway and I had were extremely strong so we didn’t finish them.  Such is life and hats off to An for his hospitality.

Out on the town in a minimalist way.

The son of an old Austin buddy and I were going to have dinner Thursday, going out for Indo/Pak.  The weather made us push it to Friday and we went to Malabar by way of Patterson & Lauderdale since we wanted to avoid the chaos of Short-Pumpitudia.  Had a fine meal of samosas, channa sag & curried fish (too bad it was that mudfish, tilapia). We talked about his folks and how they were coming up this week in an RV. Tres honkey.



Then we went for a beer at Commercial Tap House.  I had a Blue Mountain Full Nelson and Jacques had a Victory 4-y.o. barleywine (10% ?) both of which were excellent.

blue mth brewery
Their Full Nelson Pale Ale is GREAT!


I was home by 8:20,  sensible person that I am.

STYLE Weakly gets something right!

Their MEAT ISSUE mentions the Big Apple Market on Jeff Davis. Who let them off their West End tether? Next they’ll be reviewing the Guate bars in that neck of the woods.

preppng the cow's head for barbacoa de cabeza..
Barbacoa con Big Red! (Randy Garibay 1939 - 2002)

It should be noted that Big Apple’s fish market can be rather aromatic in the summer. And they usually have the widest selection of dried beans in the area. Flor de mayo, Mayacoba, Canario, y mucho mas! And they often have tins of Caldo de Garrobo (iguana soup) which is said to be an aid in combatting hangovers and an aid for impotence.

Incidents of Travel in Yucatán: circa 1980

El Castillo, Tuluum, Q.R.

More to come here.. a travelogue from September 1980.

Leaving from Houston, to catch the autumnal equinox at Chichen Itza, we arrived in Merida as Hurricane Hermione was passing through. Thus it tended to be wet, which kept your average gringo-bolillo back home.

Huevos motuleños.. some people in our party of 14 kept ordering these thinking they would improve. They never did. Nor did the milanesas.

In Rio Lagartos, we stopped to find a place to eat. The proprietor of one place said “No hay nada pa’ comer. Solamente hay pescado.”

Pescado? Evidently the hurricane had stopped the boats from going out for langostos & shrimps which seem to be preferred by gringo turistas. Fish (pescado) sounded fine to us and shortly, the grill was covered with nice croakers covered with an adobo paste.  These were quite tasty with black beans and fresh corn tortillas.

In a cantina in Muna, on the way back from Uxmal, we’d been served tasty grilled pork liver botanas (complementary bar snacks). While we were scarfing these down, we read that there was an outbreak of hog cholera in the Yucatan. Oh well. Can’t scare us.

If you go to Yucatan, you don’t need to drink that Corona bellywash. The Montejo Cerveceria (brewery) makes a wonderful porter called Montejo Leon. One of Mexico’s best beers. Don’t know how easy it is to get in that hellhole, Cancun, though.