Salsa Verde 101

tomatillos, poblanos y cebolla
Avoid the caprine (or is it vulpine) leer of Rick Bayless.

Salsa verde:

2 roasted, seeded, & peeled poblano chiles

1/2 pound of pared & rinsed tomatillos

a small onion,  peeled & quartered

chicken stock to cover

salt (to taste)

Simmer until tomatillos are tender.


Puree in a  blender or food processor, adding

2-5 peeled garlic cloves

a cup of chopped cilantro

Optionally, you may add here:

ground cumin (to taste)

chopped parsley

chopped serrano or jalapeño chiles (to taste and can be roasted, seeded & peeled).

This can be used as a base for rice, guisados, etc.