Foodies are Punks. (The Gourmand)

(From The Paris Review) ::

The term *foodie* is an infantilism.. it’s a diminutive;  the sort of term that a child would use, like doggie or duckie.  Or kiddie-winkie.

The Gourmand

Charlotta-Westergren: Victory from The Gourmand



World’s Best Restaurant: from The Torygraph

“In an elaborate ceremony at London’s Guildhall on Monday evening, Redzepi beat the two men flanking him, Ferran Adria and Heston Blumenthal, as his restaurant Noma was declared greatest place to eat on the planet – decent going for a converted whale blubber store in Copenhagen, once dismissed by a sniffy critic as “the stinking whale”.”

Good going for a kid from Macedonia..