Albany, Oregon (and there’s a carniceria next door!)

I will need to check this place out…  the carniceria has chorizo seco.

Los Compadres

Taqueria in Albany, Oregon

An essay on Texas and food..

By Irina Alexandra Dumitrescu (noted scholar)

corn motif

La Milpa, Richmond, VA

The straight skinny on chickenfeet.

Chicken Foot Soup Jan 30, 2010

Chicken Foot Soup Jan 30, 2010

Maranitos y Panaderias


A ginger pig or marranito!

Afroculinaria: Virginia food.

looks like a pork chop

Looks Like a Pork Chop

Poached eggs in plastic.

From Ruhlman’s recent EGG book. It’s great!





René Magritte, La Clairvoyance (oil on canvas), 1936.



Simple food.

“simple food is an act of defiance”

Brooks Headly. NPR Morning edition, Jan 1, 2015


Blackeyed peas for New Years Day