Dueling supermercados on Lancaster

La Tapatia recently opened with a full meat counter, deli, & bakery.  The chain also has stores  in PDX & Gresham. It’s on the west side of Lancaster in the old Book Bin. Across the way, on the east side of Lancaster, El Torito has taken over the Panaderia Oaxaquena (a bakery)  and has moved its tortilla machines and its taqueria over there and opened as EL TORO. They have great tacos with handmade tortillas de maiz. El Torito has been there since at least 2006 and I like the people there..

EL TORO has tacos de sesos (brains) & tacos de tripas (tripe) for the adventurous. We got al pastor, carnitas, & carne asada for a take home lunch one day this week. Generous servings for the fillings, unlike some places.

EL TORITO SUPERMARKET is now open on Lancaster, just south of Center on the east side in the old PET SMART.

Red Norlands & other veg: Aug 2016


Volunteer tomatoes

English cucumbers… they produced a lot.. will plant only 2 hills next year,, not 4.

Winter squash

I planted garlic about 2 weeks ago..  three kinds.. 1 from a neighbor, and Nootka Rose & Roja.. Last night I saw at least 25 shoots coming up.. I need to get some straw to mulch this bed.
And we’ve found the grey Italian zucchini cultivars have a better texture than the all green varieties..