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Bourdain on the Simpsons Nov 13, 2011

And something on waiters from Houston..


Mariachi Grill

It’s owned by Colombians. Who know little about Mexican food. The place is nice (table cloths, multiple stemware, multiple forks, and they have a decent bunch of mariachis..)

However, the puerco  chile verde seemed like the pork had been precooked (and not in the salsa verde), the frijoles y arroz were so-so and they had that ridiculous “solamente en Richmond” white glop as a sauce. I ask again, whose idea was this? Even the mejicanas who are the meseras are baffled by it. Porque?

nice table

mesa bonita

The meal wasn’t bad, but El Vaquero does much better.. here’s the plate I had.

uff da.

Looks nice, but is bland..

The mariachis did know some obscure tunes and I put something in their tip jar. That was pleasant.

But the place is pretty gringoized. Lots of synthetic looking margaritas. Ergh.

Too many ads, Herr Mozart!

The current issue of STYLE WEAKLY killed a passel of trees. It’s nearly as big as a phone book and (I’ll guess) 75% of the content is ads.


raw okry

And MEXICO best in RVA? Hijole! Glop city.

Foodies are Punks. (The Gourmand)

(From The Paris Review) ::

The term *foodie* is an infantilism.. it’s a diminutive;  the sort of term that a child would use, like doggie or duckie.  Or kiddie-winkie.

The Gourmand


Charlotta-Westergren: Victory from The Gourmand


Serially, folks:

One could do a PORTLANDIA for any city with a “scene”.  I lived in Austin for 20 years and in Richmond, VA for 21. Clueless hipsters are nothing new, kids.

Linklater’s SLACKER did not have the big yucks that PORTLANDIA does, though. Or the budget.

chicken thighs

Token food image.

& Richmond claims to be the third most tattooed city in the US. This is probably due to all of the trust fund kiddies who spend their patrimony on skin “ort”.  Too many layabouts.

Spelling TACO with a “que?”

The letter K! is seldom used.  Taco is hardly a loanword…

Spanish uses the Latin alphabet like most European languages, but the letter K is used only in a handful of loanwords to represent the sound usually written as C or QU.

From http://download.travlang.com/Ergane/spanish.htm

Back from KCMO (again) & ASK A MEXICAN.

OK, folks, I was pleasantly surprised to find that one can get a go-cup of menudo at panaderias (Mexican bakeries) in Kansas City. And the panaderias don’t use that foul tasting excuse for shortening that the folks at Sabrosita use. (Was it aviation lubricant from the days of the Contra incursion? It really tastes synthetic. Ikk.)

Here’s a photo from Bonito Michoacan, a Mexican grocery, meat market, & eatery in Kansas City, KS.

Bonito Michoacan

buena comida aqui!

You guys crack me up. Arguing about big-boxing the Fan. I’m sure very few of you have cruised down Jeff Davis and gone to Big Apple Market (a ‘hispanic” market run by Koreans). I’ve suggested this but some of you think you need to hire Blackwater operatives to go to the non-bolillo (non-whitebread) parts of this burg.

I can’t wait until ASK A MEXICAN shows up in STYLE WEAKLY. But I’ll have crossed the Mississippi by then.