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Red Norlands & other veg: Aug 2016




Volunteer tomatoes


English cucumbers… they produced a lot.. will plant only 2 hills next year,, not 4.


Winter squash

I planted garlic about 2 weeks ago..  three kinds.. 1 from a neighbor, and Nootka Rose & Roja.. Last night I saw at least 25 shoots coming up.. I need to get some straw to mulch this bed.
And we’ve found the grey Italian zucchini cultivars have a better texture than the all green varieties..



Little potatoes from Forest Hill Farmer’s Market

I try to buy from the geezers. There’s never any patchouli aftertaste on the veg. <snork> And they are often half the price.

little taters

Oona cooks potatoes well. Yum.

Food should local & cheap.