Made it to Oregon..

Well, I hope to be out of the KC area by the middle of May. Thence to Salem, Oregon. I’ll not miss Brownbackistan one whit. I will have a place to garden and to have a smoker again. No more apartment cooking. Yahoo!

The carniceria closest to us in Salem. El Torito.

Will be glad to be there..  real strawberries.. not those cardboard ones from Las Califas.  Serious wineries, more craft brewing. Hell, I may get me a cajun cooker, too. Quien sabe?

Tacos from El Sureño. A block from El Torito

TEXAS MONTHLY now has a barbecue editor!

From the NY Times.

Approx: 2:00 PM
crankin’ away

and a scene I painted taken from a photo taken by a pal of mine, Mike Farmer. It’s at Kreuz Market in Lockhart, TX

Kreuz scene
Altercation at the counter

Pig roast at Local Pig, KCMO and another opening.

Wow.. this was great. They made their own beans and the cole slaw was not some bland and overly sweet grocery store salad bar mush. I was most impressed.  This was for the grand opening at Local Pig, a an artisanal butcher shop that produces charcuterie  in the East Bottoms. This is about two blocks from Knucklehead’s, a music venue where have I occasionally sat in on accordion at the blues jams, just north, across the railroad tracks.

Inside the Local Pig..
The Local Pig has a nice interior.

There was quite a crowd, even when I got there a bit after noon. It was chilly and windy, in the 40s, but pleasant. There seemed to be a rather well-behaved crowd.

behind the Local Pig
The crowd is served.

The plates were quite nice. The buns/rolls were amazingly good. Not some sort of  Bunny Bread/burger bun dreck.

Here’s a photo of my plate.

Pork plate at Local Pig's grand opening.

If I had known, I could have gotten some ribs. But I didn’t. Here’s a plate of rib remains. Sigh. Whimper.

Had I just know; I could have had a rib or three. Shucks.

Lest we forget, the guest of honor… a noble beast..

cabeza de chancho
Head office!

And here’s the guest of honor with the woman who was nobly serving the Boulevard Ales on tap. Good work, folks!

the guest and a minion
The Guest of Honor and one of his Minions..

Not forgetting, EL TORITO #3 (I think it’s number 3) just opened its new supermercado on the north side of Independence Avenue, across from ACE Hardware. It’s a really nice place to shop for comida and has a great carniceria.

Eat More Goat..

Good stuff here. Back in Texas, I used to cook goats for get-togethers. I cooked a halal goat leg from Petra Market along with two shoulder clods from Belmont Butchery last year for my son’s wedding in Nelson County. Here’s a photo of the goat leg.

goat leg
Anointed goat leg.
Finished goat leg
At the wedding, there were Cypriots, Mexicans, Ecuadoreans and at least one Spaniard. They were amazed at how tender the goat was. Halal goats tend to be happy (tender) goats. I draw the line at cooking anxious goats and goats that have been hassled prior to the time of their demise.

From the Bay Area food blog THE ETHICUREAN:

Goat meat is already very popular around the world – the Washington Post claims that goat makes up almost 70 percent of the red meat eaten globally – and its popularity could increase in the U.S. because of the convergence of several things:  renewed interest in grass-fed animals; openings of new butcher shops or revitalization of old shops (such as Avedano’s in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights), and increasing numbers of U.S. residents from Latin America and South Asia. With a bit of education and experimentation by farmers, butchers, chefs and home cooks, this adaptable animal could become a key part of a return to meat raised on pastures.

THE ETHICUREAN is a good, non-fluffy, food blog.


Back from KCMO (again) & ASK A MEXICAN.

OK, folks, I was pleasantly surprised to find that one can get a go-cup of menudo at panaderias (Mexican bakeries) in Kansas City. And the panaderias don’t use that foul tasting excuse for shortening that the folks at Sabrosita use. (Was it aviation lubricant from the days of the Contra incursion? It really tastes synthetic. Ikk.)

Here’s a photo from Bonito Michoacan, a Mexican grocery, meat market, & eatery in Kansas City, KS.

Bonito Michoacan
buena comida aqui!

You guys crack me up. Arguing about big-boxing the Fan. I’m sure very few of you have cruised down Jeff Davis and gone to Big Apple Market (a ‘hispanic” market run by Koreans). I’ve suggested this but some of you think you need to hire Blackwater operatives to go to the non-bolillo (non-whitebread) parts of this burg.

I can’t wait until ASK A MEXICAN shows up in STYLE WEAKLY. But I’ll have crossed the Mississippi by then.

London Broil con Recado para Bistek

A recado is a paste or rub for roasting meat, fowl or fish. A annatto/achiote based recado is used in Yucatecan pibil cookery. Recados are not unlike Jamaican jerk rub, which also uses allspice, black pepper, and herbs. Trans-Caribbean influences here, I’ll wager.

My son and Rachel came over last Saturday and I decided to take a London Broil and rub it with recado para bistek.

Recado para Bistek

1 tbs black peppercorns
1 tsp allspice berries
1 1/2 tsp whole cumin
2 tbs Mexican oregano
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp salt
one head of garlic roasted & peeled.

Grind this in a food processor or a molcajete. When ready to use moisten with lime juice, lemon juice, or even beer. Rub on the meat and place in ziplock bag for at least an hour in the fridge.

ready to be anointed with recado para bistek

Get your cooker going. I had this sucker in my smoker for 4-5 hours.


It was great. We had it with guacamole, frijoles rosados refritos, a spinach salad, and tortillas de harina.

the first slice...

We had enough left to take over to a friend’s house for dinner on Sunday.