I missed the food..

It got cold, but the food smelled great and I had a cup of Mexican chocolate to see if it would warm me up after I put on my jacket.  It didn’t but here are some photos of La Milpa’s Dia  de los Muertos celebration.

one of the altars.
Altar for Dia de los Muertos at La Milpa on Hull Street

Here’s more

Una calaca

Here’s a dancer


Here’s some comida

Que rico!

More comida.

mas coida!
Mas comida!


Be still my heart, tamales..

There were some Colombians serving arepas. I had one, but I was still cold. So I went home.



After weeks of watching the work go on in the rehabbing of this former Midlothian TPKE fried fish emporium into a taqueria, I noticed that it was OPENING SOON!

Nearest the camera, carne al pastor, then carnitas, then carne asada..

And it was called PANCHITO Restaurante Mejicano y Taqueria (Authentic)  (or something like that) and we decided to investigate this place on Saturday. We met at one PM (I got there first and was able to find a menu and got an agua gaseosa (mineral water). We only wanted a snack, so rather than getting full plates, I decided that we should split three sopes (thick corn tortillas with a rim/edge) and chose carnitas (fried pork bits), carne al pastor (marinated pork), and carne asada (grilled beef).

After our order was placed, my brain was picked re: local ethnic grocery stores, educational background, and common acquaintances.

Our order arrived and we fell to with some salsa verde of moderate picante added to our meal. Everything tasted authentic and was approved of. The toppings were a trifle dry, but we couldn’t really see ordering fully sauced dishes at that time of the day, since we had other things to accomplish before the day was out.  I want to come back and try some of the platters; I think they had chicharron en salsa verde. I may go back by and pick up a menu.

It also seemed on the pricey side.. I would have expected the platters to be at least a dollar or so less.

PANCHITO is open most days from 10 AM to 10 PM.. Fridays & Saturdays from 10  AM to 4 AM. It could prove to be too interesting a place to visit in the early morning hours since it is right next to several transient motels. You young folks can live large, but I’ll pass.

Panchito Taqueria

And one should note that the formica booths are not for large folks.

inside panchito
the charm of formica and the transient motel..

Pork chop

I did this same sort of series with a Belmont Butchery steak last fall. Here’s a similar operation with a couple of boneless pork chops I got at Kroger. (Hey, I’m trying to save money, Tanya!) <snargle>

pork chops 1
I used lemon juice and some of Stubbs' Chile-Lime Rub on these succulent boogers. That was all.
after the anointment
on the grill
the grates outdoors
It's done..

These will be sliced for sandwiches to take to work during the week. I’m amazed at how many folks go out to eat every day. Must be nice (maybe).

P.S.  How do these jokers get corporate funding for their ever-so wistful food bloggerie? I sure as hell would drink the Stubbs’ Kool-ade. I’d take his free charcoal. <snargle>

La Milpa gets a makeover!!

I have been meaning to document this for at least a month. They’ve redone the stucco in a sky blue with embellishments. Quite handsome, I’d say. I’ll go by and take some more photos when the dining/cooking tent is down.

La Milpa sign
Note the blue finish.
Nice facade.

Whoever did this did a nice job. Reminds me of home in South Texas.

more of the makeover.
Facing Hull Street
corn motif
Noth entry with corn motif

This is nicer than in a lot of the toffee nosed places downtown. Seguro que hell yes!

South entry with Quetzalcoatl motif

Flower beds

planting beds
Para flores

The banner.. which says

outdoor carnitas/they are here/enjoy them!

carnitas listas
Note the happy cartoon chanchito!


I got a carnita taco and is was as good as always. There were three fine salsas to go with this..

Mr Impolitic Eye needs to quit eatin’ at the hifalutin places. I nearly took a photo of the tripitas (chitlins), but I left my camera in the truck when I sat down to eat my taco.

Chorizo con cebollas!

a la plancha!
Chorizo and onions..

STYLE Weakly gets something right!

Their MEAT ISSUE mentions the Big Apple Market on Jeff Davis. Who let them off their West End tether? Next they’ll be reviewing the Guate bars in that neck of the woods.

preppng the cow's head for barbacoa de cabeza..
Barbacoa con Big Red! (Randy Garibay 1939 - 2002)

It should be noted that Big Apple’s fish market can be rather aromatic in the summer. And they usually have the widest selection of dried beans in the area. Flor de mayo, Mayacoba, Canario, y mucho mas! And they often have tins of Caldo de Garrobo (iguana soup) which is said to be an aid in combatting hangovers and an aid for impotence.